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Maggie Law
Studio Owner
Life is a journey, a journey of leaving home, getting lost, looking for the true meaning of life, wandering and searching, and finally returning home. During this journey, art opens our hearts, nurtures our minds, elevates our spirits and pleases our eyes. Maggie sees all forms of art as interconnected, which is why she enjoys creativity in all forms from photography to hair styling and makeup, to painting, calligraphy, and composing poetry. It is all a part of her journey as an artist.

Maggie Law has been passionate for drawing and painting since she was a child in China. In 2003, her oil painting “Rebecca” and her pastel painting “Serenity” won the first and second place, respectively, in a competition sponsored by the Artist Magazine. Her paintings have been exhibited at The Grace Gallery and the National Art Club in New York. And many of her paintings and drawings have been acquired by private collectors.  

As a photographer and fine-art painter based in New York, Maggie’s photography clients include the Martha Graham School of Contemporary Dance in Manhattan, Finnish supermodel Angelika Kallio, the Gomez Dance Company and for the romantic comedy novel “Metropolicks” authored by Felicia Lin and Victor Rodriguez. Her photographic works have been selected for many commercials and professional publications, such as the Finnish fashion magazine Inside, The New York Times, and in the autobiography of Angelika Kallio.

Along with being a professionally recognized artist, Maggie is also a patron of spiritual enlightenment and physical wellness as a yoga instructor. She combined her love for the arts and yoga to form Yoga Art Oasis. And at Maggie’s Studio she is blessed with many highly qualified and skilled yoga instructors.
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Yoga Art Oasis Instructors
Anne is a certified instructor in many styles of yoga including Bikram, BeEvolution, Power Flow and Vinyasa.

Lakshmi is a life-long practitioner of mantras, meditation and yoga. She studied with many Masters, and received her yoga certification at Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Yogapoint), India.

Luciana is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, and a Sat Nam Rasayan healer. She also specializes in youth programs including Special Child and Radiant Child Yoga.

Sandy has received certification as a yoga instructor from China and US. Based on Asana connected with Pranayama in a combination of mediation that brings new awareness for all practicing yogis.

Shoko is a world renowned professional ballerina who has developed her own unique 3S Workouts (Strength, Stretching and Suppleness) that combines yoga and dance movements.

Yalan has traveled the world seeking knowledge and teachings from yoga masters, in a single year traversing over 20 countries. She has great depth of experience in Hatha Yoga, Flow Yoga, Rehabilitation Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Pranayama and Meditation.

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